Welcome to The Sonic Zone!

Major Updates Coming!

Although we took down the comics over 5 years ago, the site has continued to grow thanks to all of you! And as a thank you, the site is going to be updated drastically. The fan art section will be removed but we will be adding newer content as well as a new layout. So […]

Sonic X Mega Man – The Ultimate Game Series Revival

Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man have a lot in common. Of course, they’re both blue, but there are many other similarities as well. I’m not going to go too in-depth on this, as this isn’t a post about their similarities. But this is worth mentioning as it helps show where I’m coming from with this article. […]

Sonic Fan Film and Reboot Thoughts

I was just watching Eddie Labron’s Sonic. (Which is embedded below for anyone who hasn’t seen it or wants to watch it again.) For those of you that don’t know, it’s a short fan film that Labron originally created to, as he says, “show how a Sonic the Hedgehog film, in a live action environment, […]

Never Before Seen Sonic X-Treme Promo

Sonic X-Treme was supposed to be the first game to truly bring Sonic into a full-fledged 3D game world but it was ultimately axed. Call me crazy, but I think the game looks like it could have been very fun. But I’m sure SEGA knew what they were doing when they cancelled it. Bringing Sonic into […]

Cinematics Added to the Media Section

This Cinematics page contains cut scenes to the various Sonic games of the 3-D era. So if you couldn’t be bothered to play through the games but want the gist of the story, you can download a games complete set of cinematic. This is also great if you want to use them in a custom […]

Menu Changes

As you may have noticed, we’ve added a Media section to the menu. It contains Comics, Game Manuals, Magazine Scans, and Soundtracks. All media aside from the comics were originally found under each game’s page from the Games area. The Games area is now being taken apart and everything in it will now be in […]

The Future of TSZ

With our comics section being hit by my recent fiasco with Sega and others, we are focusing on expanding other sections of the site. One major change will be coming to the Fan Art section. We are still collaborating to find what will work best, so it may be awhile before it is all finished. […]

My Decision

Ever since SEGA asked me to remove the Egmont-Fleetway comics from the site, many users showed that they were not happy with me posting Archie comics either. So I have made my decision to remove them as well. Kellie Parker from SEGA told me that I could leave the Archie comics on the site in […]

This Month’s Comics and More Info On the StC Removal

As most of you likely know, Kellie Parker from SEGA asked me to remove all issues of Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic from the site because they were being republished. In which I told her that I would have them removed in 24 hours. I proceeded to take down the comics within a few hours after […]

More on Sonic the Comic

After reading numerous posts about my earlier remarks, I feel that I need to explain a little bit here about how this all began. Yes I did receive an email from someone claiming to be Kellie Parker from SEGA. She said I would really be helping SEGA out if I removed the StC scans from […]