Sonic 4 – Leaked Gameplay Footage and Screenshots

Recently, a gameplay video and screenshots for Sonic 4 have been floating around the internet. If you haven’t seen them, we have a treat for you!

First off is the video. Watch it while you can, because this video has been getting removed from every site that I’ve known to have it.

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And we also have some nice little screenshots for you!

Sonic 4 Title Screen

Title Screen

Stage Select

Stage Select

Splash Hill Zone

Splash Hill Zone

Splash Hill Item Box

The old-style item boxes are back!

Splash Hill Zone Boss

Classic "Robotnik" Style Boss

12 Responses to “Sonic 4 – Leaked Gameplay Footage and Screenshots”

  1. George Says:

    Is sonic the hedghog 4 going to be made.

  2. Joseppi Says:

    Yup! It’s suppose to come out this summer.

  3. Fan Says:

    . . . its taking to long! I can’t wait any longer!

  4. little stupid brother Says:

    What platform (console) is Sonic 4 on?

  5. Joseppi Says:

    It will be for download on the PS3, XBox 360, and Nintendo Wii. It is also rumored to be on the iPhone.

  6. Bonemeal Says:

    iPhone??? Sega had better release this for PSP as well. I WANT this game!!! I NEED this game!!!

  7. RYNO Says:

    im happy that they re bringin the old sonic back but i really wish they would make another sonic adventure game. SAB2 had to be one of the greatest games ive ever played. plus i miss raising chaos….

  8. Knuckles Says:

    Cool. I have a wii.

  9. GSUS Says:

    😀 😛 🙁 😀 😛 😉 😛 😛 🙂 😉 😀

  10. Sega-Sonic5.! Says:

    🙂 I love this.It looks amazing!But i would have been better if Sega made Sonic the original Sonic way.

  11. SonicBoy Says:

    this game should be able do be downloaded on computers i wanna play it my pc NOW!:)

  12. Shawndell Rivers Says:

    I Can’t Wait For This Game!

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