Sonic 4 May Have 5 Episodes

The latest Spanish magazine, Nintendo Accion states that, “Translated, the article states Sonic 4 will be 5 episodes.” (In Spanish of course.) Previously, it was said that Sonic 4 will only consist of 3 episodes. Now, Nintendo Accion could have just been misinformed or even made a typo. It is not certain as of yet. Personally, I think it’s just a mistake. But if the game does end up selling well, I could see Sonic Team and DIMPS milking out a couple more. With the engine already established, it would take them long at all to throw together another episode or two later on down the road. If this is true, prepare to use up 5 of your Wii  channels.

Nintendo Accion

Nintendo Accion magazine article which reads, "“5 capítulos descargables e independientes.” ("Sonic 4 will be 5 episodes.")

2 Responses to “Sonic 4 May Have 5 Episodes”

  1. joey23 Says:

    i have the internet on my wii not pc sux so i cannot go on to sonic 4 i will buy every sing one of the episodes i swear. But on the other hand i agree with you hopefully there will be 5 episodes.

  2. Shawndell Rivers Says:

    5 Episodes That’s Awesome!

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