Sonic 4 – Lost Labyrinth Zone Revealed

If you remember the leaked gameplay videos we posted a few months back, you may recall how annoying the level looked. Luckily for us, Sega listened to the pleas of the fans who had seen the videos and decided to tweak the level considerably. The zone was officially revealed yesterday on the Japanese Sonic 4 website with screenshots highlighting the changes; such as the dark areas where Sonic must carry a torch to light his way and to set off dynamite to open new areas. And remember how Act 2 had Sonic riding a mine cart through the whole thing? Well, now it appears that the mine cart will only be a small portion of Lost Labyrinth instead of an entire act. I’m sure many fans will be pleased to hear that. (And some will be irate…we are talking about Sonic fans after all.) And today, we were treated with even more screenshots from the North American, United Kingdom, and Australia Sonic 4 sites.

Japanese Screens

North America, European, and Australian Screens

And with the new update of course, Sega also supplied us with the Lost Labyrinth Act 1 theme, a new piece of concept art and badnik images.

First off, the music!
[audio:]Download This Song!

Second,  we have some of the landscape from Lost Labyrinth Zone.

And last, but not least, the badniks.

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  1. Shawndell Rivers Says:

    Last Labyrinth Zone Looks Just Like Labyrinth Zone From Sonic 1 It Looks O.k!

  2. Mario World Says:

    Looks promising. Is good to know that sets listens too! Got sonic 2 on my iPhone yesterday, good old classic!

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