Sonic Generations Is Out Today!

Today is the official release date of Sonic Generations! And the reviews aren’t to shabby either. I haven’t gotten a copy yet, but plan to get both the 360 and the 3DS versions when I get the cash lined up. Have you gotten your copy yet? If so, what are your thoughts so far?

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3 Responses to “Sonic Generations Is Out Today!”

  1. Bigmilesx Says:

    its no bad but its not good either. there no hope for sonic

  2. Ritz190 Says:

    Funnest Sonic game on the ps3 i’ll say that for sure.

  3. sonic 16-bit Says:

    awsome game,awsome graphics,awsome gameplay,to awsome sonic,2D and 3D,awsome bosses and finally…awsome charchters.

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