More on Sonic the Comic

After reading numerous posts about my earlier remarks, I feel that I need to explain a little bit here about how this all began. Yes I did receive an email from someone claiming to be Kellie Parker from SEGA. She said I would really be helping SEGA out if I removed the StC scans from the site.

Upon reading the e-mail, I assumed someone from another site that posts StC scans was spoofing a SEGA e-mail address just to get me to remove my comics. I replied back demanding some proof. That was when she told me to call her on the phone to verify that it was her. I did and that’s when I was told the “information” that I previously posted on the site. I also asked her about the Archie scans that I have and she said they are fine, they just wanted me to remove Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic. More emails ensued but I am not yet sure on what all I can talk about.

I have read a few posts online about people thinking there is something “shady” about me posting that. I was told certain things but was never told that I couldn’t mention them until I already had done so. So at this point, I don’t even know what to believe. Now I am starting to think I’ve been doped by someone. But all will be known very soon as StC writer/artist Nigel Kitching has also contacted me saying that he knows nothing about the comics being republished. He also asked for Kellie Parker’s contact information. I am sorry about leaving everyone in the dark, but there is not much that I feel I can do at the time until more information is revealed.


2 Responses to “More on Sonic the Comic”

  1. MTPrower Says:

    Ignore her. Even if she is legit, you won’t get in trouble due to her inability to prove that she’s not lying.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Hi: Since they made a pretty good game of Sonic Generations, the next game they should make if they can’t top anymore Sonic related games off… they should make a Knuckles game for all system and play just as him for once! I miss playing as knuyckles where you glide and climb all sorts of places. Where is that kind of Sonic game(Sonic maybe being a guide more so than a playable character). don’t get me wrong i love Sonic and his speed boosts, but I would love SEGA to make a game for Knuckles and see how it plays out?