This Month’s Comics and More Info On the StC Removal

As most of you likely know, Kellie Parker from SEGA asked me to remove all issues of Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic from the site because they were being republished. In which I told her that I would have them removed in 24 hours. I proceeded to take down the comics within a few hours after our conversation. It wasn’t long after that, I was receiving emails from visitors asking what happened to the comics. Not knowing what to tell them, I asked emailed Kellie asking her if it was alright for me to post about the republishing here on the site after not finding anything about it from multiple Google searches.

After not getting a reply after 24 hours, I posted the news. Soon after, I was told to remove the post. But by the time I did, the news was already spreading across the internet like wildfire. I talked to SoA’s Kellie Parker earlier today about the entire situation and she let me know that the delay in response time was because she had to ask the people over at SEGA of Europe and the timezone difference caused them to not get back with her until the next work day. But I do have to keep the comics removed from the site.

As for the republishing of the series; it is something that has yet to be started and the circumstances are not clearly known at this time. Considering one of the comic’s primary contributors, Nigel Kitching doesn’t even know about the republishing, it is hard to tell what is going on. SEGA may be republishing the series, or they may just be rebooting it altogether. All I can do now is keep my nose clean and do what SEGA has asked of me.

Now some of you may wonder why I am allowed to post the Archie comics which are still running and not the Egmont-Fleetway comics. This is most likely because I only post older issues which if anything, would make people want to buy the new stories. I will continue to the old Archie comics until I am told that I no longer can. And speaking of which, here are this month’s comics!

This Week's Comics

Sonic the Hedgehog #70 Knuckles the Echidna #23

3 Responses to “This Month’s Comics and More Info On the StC Removal”

  1. ichigo Says:

    but the archie comics is releasing the sonic archives and knuckles archives which include the old chapters

  2. Joseppi Says:

    I was told by Sega that the Archie comics can stay on the site. Archie is aware that the comics are on here too. They were even using some of the logo’s I designed for their store.

    But if everyone has a problem with them being on here, take it up with Sega and Archie. If they tell me to remove them I will.

  3. Paul Says:

    I am disappointed that the UK Sonic Comics were taken down. I was delighted to find the site and these comics again as I had read them when I was younger. Let me mention also that when I was reading them Sonic the UK Comic was one of the most expensive comics around. If these are republished I will not be spending money on them again and it’s disappointing that they have taken this action when it seems so far that there are no reprints close to even being released.