My Decision

Ever since SEGA asked me to remove the Egmont-Fleetway comics from the site, many users showed that they were not happy with me posting Archie comics either. So I have made my decision to remove them as well.

Kellie Parker from SEGA told me that I could leave the Archie comics on the site in a phone conversation. But after hearing backlash from so many people about being allowed to keep the Archie comics on the site, I sent Ms. Parker an email asking her to confirm that I can still post the Archie comics. Of course, I was ignored since I didn’t threaten her with re-posting the Egmont-Fleetway comics or anything else along those lines.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder, does Kellie Parker even have the right to say who can and who can’t post Archie’s Sonic comics online? If we’ve learned anything over the past decade, it’s that SEGA has terrible business practices. They claim to be republishing the Egmont-Fleetway comics, but their writers and artists seem to know nothing about it. And I still wonder why other sites that post the comics haven’t had to remove theirs.

I am just tired of the drama that has been going on with this site ever since Kellie first told me to remove the Egmont-Fleetway comics and I do not want anymore. I barely have the time to keep up with posting them as it is. And since so many people seem to have a problem with me sharing them, I am taking them all down. All that will remain will be the Sonic Promo comic and the manga, that is, unless you don’t want me to post those either.


Removing the Archie comics from the site was my fault, no one else’s. Although a lack of communication on SEGA’s part had some play in the matter as well as user remarks about how I shouldn’t be allowed to keep them on the site either. My main reasoning for removing them was the constant worry that I would be contacted one day down the road to take them down anyway.

That’s why I asked Kellie if it was alright to keep the Archie comics on the site. Of course, a phone conversation doesn’t hold up to well unless it was recorded. So I emailed her on December 21 asking her to verify it for me. I knew to wait until after New Years for a response, but it never came. I resent the email the other day just to make sure she got my first one, and I never got a reply. So I figured it would be in everyone’s best interest to remove the Archie comics too.

I knew that Archie knew the comics were on the site, but they have never contacted me. They were using two logos that I designed for the site on their Yahoo store page. But as soon as I mention that on the site, they replaced them with their own logos. That had me wondering if they removed the logos because they were going to tell me to take the comics down from the site.

The lack of communication on Parker’s end did frustrate me but I have no hard feelings for her or SEGA. I know that she has to get a response from other people as well. Maybe she contacted Archie and they never got back with her. I was just tired of the whole waiting game altogether. I put the comics on the site for people to enjoy, and it seemed to just be upsetting people instead.

By the way, I did get a response from Kellie shortly after posting that I was removing all of the Archie comics. Unfortunately, it was a reply to my first email asking if it was alright to mention the republishing on the site…. But I have yet to hear anything about the Archie comics. And I don’t care if I do at this point. What is done is done and this site will be taking a huge hit from this as most of my visitors came to read the comics. But it’s better than soiling the site’s name.


9 Responses to “My Decision”

  1. Vincent Giannell Says:

    You really should not have removed all those Sonic comic scans. Now you’ll be criticized by fans who loved every scan you put in your site. Removing them was a very bad move and it will get a whole lot worse if you go through it this decision.

  2. Rico Says:

    Whaaaaaat!!? *sighs* And just when I was on the Endgame Saga…I hope you get back the Archie Comics.

  3. CharmyRules Says:

    There’s only going to be more drama; I agree, it was a bad decision. Not all people will think it’s right. It seems like it’s too late to get back all the comics. I’m just going to say, I’m sorry for all the crud you’re probably going to get.

  4. Chloe Says:

    Maaaaan, now how am I gonna read the british comics? >3>

  5. Paul Says:

    No offense to you. Your decision is yours as you said but you shouldn’t bow to pressure about what complete strangers on the internet say. Anyone can claim anything and can claim to be anyone.

    In my view if there was a problem to begin with you might have received something more official and your internet provider might have been contacted over it also. My friend had a similar problem but they were contacted directly by the internet service provider so there was no doubt it was legitimate

    I came to this site for the comic scans. There are other sites out there that have comic scans and have not had this problem.
    Since the thing I like about this site has been removed I will remove it from my favorites bookmark and not visit it anymore. Thanks for all your previous hard work.

  6. ee-vo Says:

    Gay, now this site is useless to me now

  7. Dan Says:

    I’m sorry, but this site is pretty useless now that the comics are gone. By all means, I encourage you to keep it up if it’s free. But if this costs you anything, I would just shut it down all together.

  8. John Gillis Says:

    Man, SEGA is really cracking down on every fansite it seems now. I know the feeling of having to remove everything you worked so hard on, but keep up the good work man, from 1 site owner to another.

  9. Alex Says:

    Please, Please, PLEASE, put the comics back up.