Sonic 4 – PS3 Trophies

We brought you the Xbox Live Achievements for Sonic 4 awhile back. But now we finally have a list of the PS3 Trophies you can earn. They’re really not much different than the 360’s achievements but why should they be? Of course, all these goals are something Wii gamers will miss out on. (What else […]

Sonic 4 – Badnik – Jaws

Sega has announced another badnik for Sonic 4. Jaws makes a return from the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic 4 – More Leaked Gameplay Footage! (Lost Labyrinth Zone)

A full play-through of a new zone in Sonic 4 was leaked today. The new level is called Lost Labyrinth Zone. Here we are treated with the all 3 acts complete with a boss. These could be a hoax with April Fool’s Day being tomorrow. But they seem pretty legit to me. If this is […]

Sonic 4 – Badnik CGI Model – Buzzer

SEGA has released the in-game version of the the classic Sonic 2 badnik, Buzzer. Of course, we’ve already seen it in the leaked footage video. 😉

Sonic 4 – Music & Screenshots

Today, SEGA revealed the first zone of Sonic 4 called Splash Hill Zone. They also released the music for this level and 8 screenshots. This pretty much confirms that the video and screens that we showed you awhile back actually are legit.
[Audio clip: view full post to listen]Download This Song!
Oh, and they also announced that […]

Sonic 4 – New Badnik Information

Today SEGA has released a new badnik as well as an official name and CGI model of one the badniks they previously showed us a concept image for.
Previously, we announced the concept art for Masher. But today, SEGA has released the CGI model with an official name. Apparently, Masher is actually Chopper. The concept art […]

Sonic 4 – Badnik – Bubbles

SEGA has announced another badnik for Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Bubbles returns from Sonic 3’s Marble Garden Zone.

Sonic 4 – XBox Live Achievements

The XBox Live Achievements list for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I has been announced. This gives us some ideas as to what the game consists of. As far as we know, the game has 12 different achievements for you to earn. All together, they add up to 200 points. The “Golden Flash” achievement is […]

Sonic 4 – Badnik & CGI Models

If you watched the gameplay video, you may have noticed the classic badnik, Newtron. SEGA released Newtron’s concept art as well as some info.

And we also have the CGI models for Newtron and Motobug.

Sonic 4 – Leaked Gameplay Footage and Screenshots

Recently, a gameplay video and screenshots for Sonic 4 have been floating around the internet. If you haven’t seen them, we have a treat for you!
First off is the video. Watch it while you can, because this video has been getting removed from every site that I’ve known to have it.

Get the Flash Player to […]