Sonic Advance

Sonic AdvanceSonic Advance marked the first time we saw Sonic on a Nintendo-made system. The game met with a lot of hype from starving fans of the classic Genesis titles, although the game had somewhat of a different feel to it than the classics of the 90’s.  Characters could now attack in other ways taken from the Adventure series. Sonic can kick, Tails can swing his tails, Knuckles can punch, and Amy can swing her hammer into foes. This is Amy’s main attack since she is unable to spin. The game also featured a mini game known as the Tiny Chao Garden. In this mode, you could import chao from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for the Gamecube and improve their stats by giving them toys and food that you buy with rings. Sonic Advance was later ported to the N-Gage as Sonic N.


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