Sonic the Hedgehog | Concept Art

Loop Artwork

Concept art of how Sonic runs around loops.

Marble Zone Concept Art

Marble Zone Artwork

Water Concept Art

Concept art showing how Sonic takes to water.

Tube Concept Art

Concept art showing how Sonic goes through tubes.

Sonic the Bulldog

One of the ides for Sonic was a bulldog.

Sonic the Eggman

Eggman was going to be the good guy? Yep, he was originally designed as the protagonist of the game. The fact that he was a fat, mustached man, seemed to fit better as a villain though. (As a knock at Mario.)

Sonic the Wolf

Another idea for Sonic was an American wolf. (Thank god that didn't work.)

Team Sonic

Does the alligator look familiar?

First Sketches

Some of the first sketches for Sonic as a hedgehog.