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Official Casino Street & Mad Gear Zone Trailers

Last week was somewhat of a big week for Sonic 4 since SEGA revealed trailers for 2 new zones. Both of which, pay homage to Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
Casino Street Zone
First off was Casino Street Zone, which as you can probably tell by the name, is like Casino Night Zone from Sonic 2. And of [...]

Official Lost Labyrinth Zone Trailer

Today, Sega has released a new trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog 4′s Lost Labyrinth Zone via IGN. If you’ve seen the leaked gameplay footage, you’re probably thinking, “This is nothing new to me.” But because of the leaked footage, many fans complained about Act 2′s mine cart where you had to tilt the screen to [...]

Major Forum Bug

It had been brought to my attention that the forum was experiencing a bug that prevented users from posting. Apparently it is a flaw in the system. I’ve decided to hold off and just weigh out my options for now. For the time being, it is uncertain as to when we’ll bring it back. When [...]

New Sonic 4 Info Section

With Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I just around the corner, I thought I’d take everything I’ve gathered in the Sonic 4 Update Blog and create an information section like we have for many of the other games. The new section features a summery of the game, screenshots, the game’s soundtrack thus far, magazine scans, [...]

New Layout

You may have noticed that the site was closed for maintenance for a couple of hours. Well, that’s because I was putting the finishing touches on the newest layout! This time, I decided to go back to the site’s roots. Before we switched to the WordPress format, we had two side bars;  one on the [...]

Sonic 4 – Lost Labyrinth Zone Revealed

If you remember the leaked gameplay videos we posted a few months back, you may recall how annoying the level looked. Luckily for us, Sega listened to the pleas of the fans who had seen the videos and decided to tweak the level considerably. The zone was officially revealed yesterday on the Japanese Sonic 4 [...]

One Year Anniversary & Prize Contest

It’s been one whole year since The Sonic Zone was first launched! And to celebrate, I thought I’d give you a little retrospective on the past year of the site. So if you’ve been here from the start or you’re new to TSZ, check it out and see how far we’ve come along!
Another thing [...]

Happy 19th Birthday Sonic!

Today is Sonic the Hedgehog’s 19th anniversary. So here’s to almost 2 decades of Sonic!

Sonic 4 – Finally An Update

Release Date Delayed
Today, SEGA revealed that Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I will be pushed back until the second half of 2010. The game was previously going to be released this June. But being delayed is usually a good thing. SEGA is listening to their fans and are saying they are going to “polish it [...]

Sonic 4 Leaked Gameplay – Mad Gear Zone

If you don’t want any Sonic the Hedgehog 4 spoilers, don’t watch this video. But if you want to see just how much the game is like the classics, you’ll be pleased to see that Mad Gear Zone is very much like Sonic 2′s Metropolis Zone. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was [...]